Debenham Community Swimming Pool Fundraising progress:

Pledge your support

On behalf of the Debenham Community Swimming Pool project, may I say a huge thank you for your overwhelming support in helping to raise funds.

Sport England stated that they would pledge £109k towards the construction of the pool if we could match fund that figure by July 1st 2014. With the amazing support of our community – we have achieved this goal !

Although we have enough funds to commence building our exciting project – an all year, heated and enclosed community swimming pool for all to use, grant applications will still be sought and submitted, fundraising activities will still be on-going, in order to fund internal fitting out costs and equipment, so if you haven't yet pledged and you would like to, you can still splash your cash


Pledges so far

So far, we've been pledged £6055.00 by 90 donors

NameAmountOn behalf ofDate
Karen Ling£30.00The Lings7th Aug 2014
Chantal Haddon£50.00The Haddons1st Jul 2014
Eddy Alcock£20.00Eddy Alcock19th Jun 2014
Stonham Aspal Parish Council£100.0015th Jun 2014
Winston Parish Council £50.0011th Jun 2014
Martyn Elmy£50.00Sky & Conor Bayes10th Jun 2014
Rebecca Mason£50.00Elsie & Wilfred Mason9th Jun 2014
The Lawrences£10.00The Lawrences9th Jun 2014
The Rocketts£60.00The Rocketts9th Jun 2014
J McKenna£10.00Rosa & Rafferty Kilday4th Jun 2014
J McKenna£10.00Jessica McKenna4th Jun 2014
Mrs Gillian Payne£50.00Mrs G Payne4th Jun 2014
M & B Willerton£50.00M & B Willerton2nd Jun 2014
Branwen Thomas£150.00Bethan, Carys & Rodhri2nd Jun 2014
Anonymous Donor£30.00Jack, Evie, & Elijah Marsh31st May 2014
Mrs L Allen£10.00Henry Allen23rd May 2014
P Stutter£50.00P Stutter21st May 2014
M A Berry£10.00M A Berry21st May 2014
Diana Ross£10.00Diana Ross19th May 2014
Mrs Kate Burton£10.00Mrs Kate Burton19th May 2014
K M Harris£50.00K M Harris19th May 2014
G Carlton Smith£100.00G Carlton Smith19th May 2014
The Booth Family£40.00The Booth Family19th May 2014
C&N Bowden£25.00C&N Bowden19th May 2014
Mrs D Sullivan£10.00Mrs D Sullivan19th May 2014
Alan Barker£20.00Alan Barker19th May 2014
Mrs Jean Ann Balch£50.00Mrs Jean Ann Balch19th May 2014
The Pawsey Family£50.00The Pawsey Family19th May 2014
C & J Rodwell£20.00C & J Rodwell19th May 2014
Suzanne Pearce£25.00Suzanne, Nicolas & Catharine16th May 2014
Barry Turner£1000.00Henry Abbott14th May 2014
Dylan Hearn£100.00Dylan, Michelle, Evan & George13th May 2014
Cherie Easter£50.00Cherie Easter and David Newton12th May 2014
David Tompkins£50.00David & Stephanie Tompkins12th May 2014
Hamilton Smith Estate Agents£250.00Hamilton Smith Estate Agents12th May 2014
June Rodgers£50.00Debenham WI12th May 2014
Maria Clarkson£100.00Maria Clarkson12th May 2014
Janet Laurie£10.00Janet Laurie12th May 2014
W J Stowe£50.00W J Stowe12th May 2014
Julie & Steven Nunn£100.00THE NUNN'S11th May 2014
Peter Julia Jarrait£25.00Peter & Julia Jarrait8th May 2014
Diane Fairbrass£50.00Diane Fairbrass8th May 2014
R G Webster£25.00Websters News8th May 2014
J WARD£25.007th May 2014
P Harrison£20.00P Harrison7th May 2014
Mrs Sylvia Last£10.00Mrs Sylvia Last7th May 2014
Joy Walton & Anthony Marles£20.00Joy Walton & Anthony Marles7th May 2014
Lynden Jackson£50.00Lynden Jackson7th May 2014
Susan Wood£30.00Susan Wood7th May 2014
Mr Mrs Chaplin£10.00Mr& Mrs Chaplin7th May 2014
F Behar£50.00F Behar7th May 2014
C Matthews£50.00The Matthews Family7th May 2014
Julie Nelson£20.00Julie, Stephen, Abbie, Bradley & Stanley7th May 2014
Catherine Ward£50.00Catherine, Steve, Arthur & Norah6th May 2014
Rosemary Foulger£100.006th May 2014
Susan Owens£25.006th May 2014
Jo Hayward£50.00Jo, Rob, Jake5th May 2014
Mr and Mrs R Lock£10.00Amelia3rd May 2014
Joyce Dennison£30.00Lily Louis and Lottie James2nd May 2014
Graham Mobbs£100.002nd May 2014
Deborah cash£50.00The Sage/Cash clan2nd May 2014
David Ryan£20.00David Ryan1st May 2014
Martin Thompson£20.00Marty & Peter Conboy-Thompson1st May 2014
Kellie myers£100.00The Myers Family1st May 2014
Tony and Sue Hutt£100.001st May 2014
Nicole Ker-Gibson£250.001st May 2014
Anonymous Donor£20.0030th Apr 2014
Simon Abbott£50.00The Abbott Family30th Apr 2014
Angela Dennis£50.00The Dennis Family30th Apr 2014
Karen Cook£50.00Anthony Cook30th Apr 2014
Mr & Mrs Willard£100.00Mr & Mrs Willard30th Apr 2014
Kecia Harris£15.00Kecia &Vernie Harris28th Apr 2014
Mary Burton£100.00The Burton and Walker Family28th Apr 2014
Melanie Legg£10.00Primrose Legge28th Apr 2014
K L Hare£100.00K L Hare28th Apr 2014
Alan Cushion£100.0028th Apr 2014
Clive Cook£50.00Clive & Sandy Cook26th Apr 2014
Jane Grover£50.00The Grover Family24th Apr 2014
sue jones£100.00The Jones Family23rd Apr 2014
Ann Evans£100.00Ann Evans18th Apr 2014
Sarah Evans£100.00Lloyds and Evans family14th Apr 2014
Jane Donnelly£200.00The Donnelly clan 11th Apr 2014
Kirsten Sharpe£100.00Sharpe family9th Apr 2014
Beverley Bridges£50.00The Bridges Family7th Apr 2014
Julie ponton£10.00Myself 6th Apr 2014
Jenny Townsend£100.00Team Townsend4th Apr 2014
The Dibbs family£50.00Charlie Dibbs4th Apr 2014
Juliet Hanka£100.00Rufus Hanka4th Apr 2014
Anonymous Donor£100.004th Apr 2014
Cheryl McBlane£100.00McBlane Family3rd Apr 2014