Debenham Community Swimming Pool Fundraising progress:

Archaeological Dig - A Planning Permission Condition

In September 2012 we were granted planning permission on the condition that an archaeological dig would take place. With the enormous help from John Newman Archaeological Services and the generous donation of a digger and driver from Tiggy Knowland, work commenced on Monday 20th May 2013.

As requested a 25 metre trench was dug on the proposed site of the pool, 1.8 metres wide by approximately 1.2 metres deep, whence John Newman would be able to determine if there were any historical artefacts or evidence of possible artefacts. Two entrances were uncovered to underground WW2 air raid shelters, which we had already anticipated. We encouraged the school children to come and have a look class by class and to have a brief lesson on archaeology, thanks to John Newman's wonderful skills in engaging with the children about this subject, all were very excited and had lots to ask.

Once SCC archaeological department had been contacted and briefed, Tiggy Knowland was instructed to back fill the trench and make good - which he did superbly. The whole exercise had taken place behind a safety fence kindly donated by Mark Burrows, and strict health and safety rules were adhered to at all times, supervised by John Newman.

SCC have since partially lifted the set condition on the proviso that when major construction work starts photographic evidence will be obtained.

Another successful step towards our goal - an all year round heated and enclosed community swimming pool in Debenham.